Motorcycle accessories

Trunk, heated wristbands…

Motorcycle safety

Helmet, anti-theft device…

Motorcycle clothing

Jacket, vest, gloves…

Motorcycle spare parts

Tires, fork, battery…

Biker look, the look of the moment

When it comes to clothing trends, many looks are inspired by everyday life and activities such as riding a motorcycle. Thus people like to adopt the biker style to assert a certain personality. Among the unavoidable pieces of the biker look, the inevitable jacket or vest is available in a plethora of models with or without sleeves, in leather or other materials. Denim pants and high-top sneakers are a fundamental part of this look.

Biker look, the look of the moment

The choice of a motorcycle depends on several parameters. So when it comes to acquiring one, one of the essential criteria to be favored is the type of use because there are machines for the city and others for the road. Moreover, the cubic capacity and power are also to be taken into account. Do not forget the desired riding sensations that differ from one motorcycle to another.

A competitive soul

A sporty motorcycle is undoubtedly the type of motorcycle that is made for lovers of powerful machines. Equipped with ultra-efficient mechanics and a racy design, it is cut out to devour the roads and achieve high-flying performance. Here are some of their features.

A motorcycle to have fun

A motorcycle belonging to the supermotard category is generally a motorcycle that is distinguished by its lightness (about a hundred kilos). This type of machine is used for competitions on circuits. These can be dirt tracks or paved roads.

Motorcycles very popular with motorcyclists

Halfway between a sport bike and a road bike, a roadster is a machine that appeals to many bikers. For those who want to ride a machine with enough power to have fun on the road, this category of motorcycle is for you.

Browse the world of off-roading

For many people, motorcycling is synonymous with escapism and riding on different terrains (dirt tracks, asphalt roads…) in search of sensations and riding pleasure.

Riding a motorcycle requires a set of equipment, some of which is mandatory and some of which is recommended and very important.

It is the safety equipment that is mandatory for any motorcyclist. First of all, it is the helmet that is part of the set of accessories in question. Its purpose is to protect the biker’s head in case of a fall. Gloves are also mandatory equipment in addition to the fluorescent vest. Others that you may find on are recommended such as :

In order to provide more safety for motorcyclists, some manufacturers have designed high-tech helmets. Among the functionalities integrated in this type of helmet, there is the possibility to be visible via reflective leds. The accessory also includes a head-up display system in addition to a navigation system. The presence of Bluetooth technology makes it possible to carry out telephone conversations in complete safety.

Cars are not the only vehicles connected. Indeed, motorcycles are increasingly equipped with this functionality. These include navigation systems, driving aids and other high-tech devices.

Developed and modern devices offering the possibility to maintain telephone conversations while remaining concentrated while driving.

Driving aids include navigation systems such as GPS as well as head-up displays integrated into a high-tech helmet.

Cameras can be used for security purposes such as those integrated in helmets or to film its performance on board the motorcycle.

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