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Is a motorcycle GPS worth it?

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, you’ve probably wondered if a GPS is worth the investment. After all, motorcycles are all about the open road and the freedom of the wind in your face. But what happens when you get lost?…

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Advantages and disadvantages of connected brake lights

Connected brake lights are a brand new technological process that consists in associating a removable light attached to a motorcycle helmet with an application on its smartphone. What are connected brake lights? Connected brake lights are a technological concentrate, which…

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Heated soles, new trend for bikers?

In winter, all means of warming up are good when riding a motorcycle. The body is directly exposed to the cold because of the design of the motorcycle. Heated insoles that serve to warm the feet are one of the…

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What type of GPS should I buy for a motorcycle?

GPS for motorcycles is a device that has been around for several decades now. There was a time when people still preferred to use the GPS for cars and adapt it for motorcycle use. But with recent technological advances, it…

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Bracelet alarm connected: what are its characteristics?

Technology is present in everyday life. Thanks to the research carried out by scientists, various products are born to improve everyday life. The connected warning bracelet is part of the research results. Currently, many people use this kind of tool….

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How to choose your motorcycle GPS tracker

By definition, geolocalization is a way of locating an object, a person, a car or a motorcycle on the earth using its geographic coordinates. Geolocalization then presents several advantages. The GPS or Global Positioning System is a satellite system to…

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