By definition, geolocalization is a way of locating an object, a person, a car or a motorcycle on the earth using its geographic coordinates. Geolocalization then presents several advantages. The GPS or Global Positioning System is a satellite system to know a position. A GPS tracker then uses geolocation. There are several types of GPS trackers depending on its use to mention GPS trackers for motorcycles, cars or just for a person to whom we want to know his exact position in real time.

What is a GPS tracker?

The principle of a GPS tracker is to know in real time the position of a car, motorcycle or person. It is the best way nowadays, helped by technology, if you want to know where a person is or when you want to increase your chances of finding your car or motorcycle when you are a victim of theft. A GPS tracker is characterized, depending on the model, by its power which varies from a few hundred meters to several kilometers. It is therefore important to choose the right GPS tracker according to your needs. GPS trackers are mainly used on cars and motorcycles. They are very useful for road transport companies or when your motorcycle is stolen. There are models especially dedicated to motorcycles. Do not hesitate to visit to choose your GPS tracker for motorcycle, a site specialized on GPS trackers for motorcycles. It is necessary to inquire about the compatibility of the device with your motorcycle.

The principles and functioning of a GPS tracker for motorcycle

The GPS tracker for motorcycles, also called GPS tracker for motorcycles has the shape of a box, usually small in size for better concealment, differs from GPS trackers for cars but with the same principles and the same modes of use. In case of theft, the offender will have less chance to find the beacon placed somewhere on the motorcycle. The tracker records the position using the telephone network and sends the coordinates of the geolocation either by email or SMS. There are even better motorcycle GPS on Android. You can make an easy location in real time using the dedicated application provided with your special motorcycle GPS. The GPS tracker for motorcycle is characterized by its various features such as the ability to remotely monitor your motorcycle. You can geographically limit the safety zone. Outside this zone, you will be notified that the motorcycle has left this zone. You can even know if your motorcycle is moving or not. The tracker gives precise information about the location of the motorcycle and even the speed at which it is travelling. In case of theft of your motorcycle, go as soon as possible to a police station, direct the officers to the location given by the GPS to quickly find your motorcycle and be able to stop the criminals afterwards. The models of GPS tracker for motorcycles differ from the others, because of the size of the motorcycles, and for an optimal use. The imperative criterion for choosing your tracker remains the discretion of the device. Some thieves are smart and already know the system, so the tracker must be hidden as much as possible.

Types of GPS trackers for motorcycles

The minimum price for a motorcycle GPS tracker is around hundreds of euros. Trackers use the battery of the motorcycle to power themselves, there are also autonomous models as well as hybrid models, i.e. they are powered by the battery of the motorcycle but become autonomous in case malicious criminals disconnect the battery of the motorcycle. Other trackers have very advanced functionalities, software or mobile applications are provided to facilitate the reporting of geolocation. About the price, tracers without subscriptions are cheaper than others with subscriptions. If you opt for trackers with subscriptions, please choose your subscription type carefully. You can choose between a motorcycle GPS tracker with SIM card or not, a choice based on the efficiency of more common networks or private. There are models that use radio signals.

Purchase criteria

Different criteria are to be taken into account if you want to acquire a GPS tracker for motorcycles. You will need to know its features, its size, the brand of the tracker, the type of power supply, its accuracy and according to your budget. A GPS tracker for motorcycle autonomous high performance can reach an autonomy of about a hundred days, with a battery made of Lithium, rechargeable with a capacity of 10 000 mAh. It can operate without requiring an external connection. All these solutions are used by companies that own several motorcycles, for example to know the exact location of motorcycles for deliveries, as well as by individuals.