A motorcycle helmet is a useful accessory that perfectly ensures the safety of a motorcyclist or scooterist. It can even save his or her life in case of an accident. However, you can have several models depending on the use. Among the different types on the market, you can have the jet helmet which is the perfect model for a ride in urban areas.

The criteria for choosing the right motorcycle helmet

The most important thing to know when choosing a motorcycle helmet is to make sure that the model is certified. Its visible label on the inside can help you to know: it is a small white fabric if the certification is European 22-50, if it is green, it is linked to a NF S 72 305 certification. The motorcycle helmet should always be a new one because the foam inside will be molded to your head and should be changed after a fall. Indeed, your helmet will absorb the shock and some internal deformations can quickly weaken the structure and will make it less effective if there is another accident of the kind. In order to have a good model that is always approved, you can choose the jet motorcycle helmet, such as the BMW jet helmet model for example.

Opt for a jet motorcycle helmet

One of the best features of the jet motorcycle helmet is its lightness. Indeed, its weight is 1400 g, which is less heavy than a classic full face helmet. This has made the jet helmet a comfortable accessory. When you have to make short trips regularly, lightness is an essential condition for a good ride. On the other hand, its ventilation system has three air inlets with an exhaust that will avoid the choking sensation you may experience with other helmets. The fact that this model is not bulky (light, without chin strap and open) will give you a better visibility.

When should you consider using a jet helmet?

A jet motorcycle helmet is quite different from a full face helmet with the particular fact that it lacks some options. In addition, you will have a really broad visibility, which is useful when you are riding in the city. Indeed, risks are too frequent in the city and can occur anywhere; cars that swerve to your side without warning, often coming from adjacent streets, or people who accidentally open the doors of their cars while parking, etc. These risks can be avoided with the help of mobility and the visibility you have. The use of a jet helmet is not suitable especially for a trip on a highway where a higher speed is required.