A motorcycle GPS is a must-have for riders who often adventure into unknown areas with their motorcycles. This device will not only guide you to your destination by the shortest road, but will also show you the most beautiful, winding and interesting routes in the area.

Display: the bigger the better

When it comes to the size of the screen, it is important to choose between good visibility and a space-saving mounting on the handlebars: a large 5-inch screen with a matte surface is easy to read, especially on sunny days, without having to take your eyes off the road for too long. However, it is recommended to measure the available space on the handlebars before you buy your motorcycle GPS so that you don't have any unwanted experiences during the installation. Riding for miles in a straight line is pretty monotonous for motorcyclists. Passionate motorcyclists prefer to be taken deep into a tight curve from time to time. Therefore, when choosing your personal motorcycle GPS, you should definitely pay attention to an option for winding routes. If you want to explore varied, winding, motorcycle-friendly routes in your area, opt for the BMW navigator vi.

Touring bikers need detailed maps

The cartographic material available on the devices is an important criterion to consider in every motorcycle navigation system test. As a basic rule, GPS units sold in Europe are equipped with map material covering 45 European countries. Some manufacturers even offer parts of Russia and Turkey with additional maps. Therefore, if you are planning long trips to the Caucasus or the Aegean, you should take a closer look at the map directory contained on the motorcycle GPS before you decide to buy it. For day-trippers and weekenders, on the other hand, a more basic map that covers the area of Central and Western Europe is often sufficient.

Route navigation with assistance: through the help of Bluetooth

Bluetooth is particularly interesting as an additional feature if you want the instructions of the motorcycle GPS to be transmitted to you with voice output. However, the ambient noise while driving is often too loud to hear the instructions through the damping sides of the motorcycle helmet. A motorcycle navigation system with Bluetooth connectivity can be useful if you simply transfer the messages to your Bluetooth-enabled helmet.