If you have a motorcycle, you also have the proper equipment. Now, you must never forget the most important thing: the helmet. In France, it is mandatory to wear a motorcycle helmet and it is compulsory by the Law. Therefore, you have to choose your helmet carefully. The ideal solution is to choose two helmets at the same time, one intended for city use and another one for long trips. For the latter, the best choice is a full-face helmet, which is still the safest of all the helmets on the market. What are the advantages of a full-face motorcycle helmet?

Where to find a full-face motorcycle helmet?

There are many manufacturers that offer ranges of helmets and BMW is one of them. At BMW Motorrad, they offer you a wide choice of BMW full-face helmets. They have developed two types of full-face motorcycle helmets to satisfy their customers: the BMW Street X type full-face helmet, this helmet is the best in this category because it combines safety, style, comfort and lightness. Then there is the BMW full-face race helmet, suitable for sportsmen and racing drivers. These motorcycle helmets are of superior quality and ensure comfort and safety for your ride.

The roles and functions of motorcycle helmets

The full-face motorcycle helmet is part of your protective equipment, if you want to practice motorcycling. It is essential for riders to protect themselves and amortize the shock on the head in case of an accident. The head is one of the most sensitive parts of the body, a head injury has very serious consequences. Motorcycle helmets protect against damage from the environment and insects. The safety and comfort provided by quality motorcycle helmets allow you to experience an optimal riding sensation. A motorcycle helmet has good isolation and in some cases it includes speakers to listen to music.

Advantages of a full face helmet

The full-face motorcycle helmet is the safest helmet, it covers the whole head and face. This helmet offers us a better facial protection in case of an accident. It is absolutely necessary to have one if you want to make a long trip by motorcycle to limit the risks of having an accident on the road. The full face helmet also offers better aerodynamics for wind penetration. Noise is greatly reduced when wearing it. It is the solution for those who own large motorcycles. The full-face helmet keeps us warm in winter, but in summer it has a ventilation system that allows the heat to be evacuated from inside your helmet.