Safety gear

What type of airbag vest should I buy for a biker?

Nowadays, the different models of airbag vests are becoming more and more popular with many drivers. Autonomous, radio-controlled or wired, choosing between them is certainly not easy. All the more so since there is no imposed standard and this is…

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Removable protections: why are they indispensable for the motorcycle?

Currently, motorcycle accidents are numerous. Some lose their life, others get away with unforgettable scars. This is why it is always necessary to have a good protection before riding a motorcycle. This article will explain why. The different types of…

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The advantage of heated motorcycle clothing

Designed for motorcycle enthusiasts, heated clothing was created for many reasons. Yet, still unknown by the majority of motorcyclists, many are unaware of the benefits they could provide. The question that arises is therefore to know what these benefits are….

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How to be well equipped to ride a quad?

The quad is a recreational vehicle that seems to interest more and more people. It is at the same time a tool for riding and competition. The driving of this device does not require too much difficulty. Moreover, it is…

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Buy a quality motocross bike

Are you a two-wheeler enthusiast? Why not turn to motocross? Powerful and comfortable, these all-terrain vehicles will guarantee you a unique feeling compared to other types of motorcycles. How to find a quality motocross motorcycle? Why turn to motocross? Among…

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Protecting your hands from the cold while riding your motorcycle

During the winter period, it is essential to protect your hands from the cold. There are currently many accessories available to keep them warm every time you ride your two-wheeler. What do you really need? Where can you find motorcycle…

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