Nowadays, the different models of airbag vests are becoming more and more popular with many drivers. Autonomous, radio-controlled or wired, choosing between them is certainly not easy. All the more so since there is no imposed standard and this is an extra expense for motorcyclists. Discover through this article a few guidelines to make the right choice.

What is a motorcycle airbag really for?

A motorcycle airbag is an element of individual protection. Indeed, generally composed of airbags, a trigger and a pressurized gas cartridge, this equipment acts as a vest or jacket. Its main objective is to guarantee the safety of drivers. Depending on the technology, the jacket is fitted to the motorcycle by sensor or cable. In the event of an accident such as a fall or collision, this jacket immediately triggers the inflation of the airbag with the sole purpose of securing the motorcyclist. All in all, the airbag enhances driver safety while protecting three vital points, namely the abdomen, rib cage and spine.

The different types of motorcycle airbags

There are two categories of motorcycle airbags on the market, namely wired and wireless motorcycle airbags. In the case of the first type, as the name suggests, the vest is connected to the motorcycle via a cable. The operating principle is simple: when a driver falls, the cable is under pressure. This action activates the automatic inflation of the vest. Of course, if you choose a motorcycle airbag with wire, you must remember to reattach the adjustable strap to the motorcycle every time you fall. Also, don't forget to remove it when you get back down. As for the wireless model, here again, there are two main families of technologies: stand-alone technology and radio-controlled technology. Standalone technology works from the sensors on the jacket. These sensors are able to track all driver-initiated movements while automatically inflating the airbag in the event of a collision. Radio-controlled technology requires the installation of sensors directly on the motorcycle. In this case, no cables are required. A radio wave will be more than enough to activate the system's accommodation to both wheels. In other words, the radio wave is what automatically triggers the airbag.

Motorcycle airbag vest: is it mandatory?

Unlike a motorcycle helmet, a motorcycle airbag vest is certainly not mandatory. Each motorcyclist is free to choose whether or not to wear one. For years, the motorcycle airbag vest has been on the rise. Note that this equipment is becoming more and more popular because of the security it offers, it is very popular with both professionals and police.