If you've just bought a motorcycle, you should know that a motorcycle lock is one of the essential components of its equipment. When you place the motorcycle in a parking lot, you will also tend to protect it from thieves. Opt for the best motorcycle lock to get guaranteed protection.

How important is it to choose the right motorcycle lock?

Choosing a motorcycle lock should be taken seriously. Be aware that not all locks are perfect, and that a motorcycle is therefore vulnerable and easier to move during a theft. Every year in France, many motorcycles are stolen. There are several types of motorcycle equipment on the market to prevent this. Some insurance policies even require the use of certified locks that meet specific standards. You can check this in the list of all devices that are approved by your insurance. And if a better quality lock can cost more, don't worry! It will be a small investment for a two-wheeler.

Choosing the best type of motorcycle lock

Please note that there are two types of locks. You can buy mechanical locks which are more preferred when there is a technical hindrance to your two-wheeler. They may prevent the thief from riding it. These locks are quite imposing and will dissuade thieves from attacking the motorcycle. Electronic locks, on the other hand, cannot prevent the motorcycle from being moved, but they can become remarkable deterrents. By alerting the entourage, they can quickly scare away the thief. There are many different types of electronic locks. There is the resounding alarm that goes off at the slightest movement and the circuit breaker device. Chose your model for more protection.

Motorcycle anti-theft device: how to choose the right one?

The choice concerning the anti-theft device must optimize the homologation constraints that are imposed by the insurance. Generally, it is necessary to choose devices that are NF certified and with the FFMC recommendation or carrying a "SRA" class mention. Disc locks and alarms are light and unobtrusive anti-theft devices, however, they cannot prevent theft. They can still delay theft or harm thieves. On the other hand, the "U" and chains, which take up a lot of space, are quite safe. They will allow the motorcycle to be secured to an anchor point. Also, be aware that the better the anti-theft device, the more useful the deterrent will be. Whether you choose a chain, a disc lock or a U-shaped antitheft device, it is essential to check the key lock with the material used for the device. It is also recommended that you choose a lock that is either anti-pick or anti-drill, with the use of guaranteed anti-scratch materials.