Like all machines, the maintenance of a motorcycle requires a great deal of attention to keep it in good shape. Indeed, it must be maintained regularly and properly. But is it a good or bad idea to maintain your motorcycle with everyday products? This article will help you to understand.

Benefits of everyday products on maintenance

Maintaining your motorcycle with everyday products can have many advantages. It allows you to spend less money than paying for car washes or garages. It will also save you valuable time since you can do it at home, in your garage or garden and with your own equipment. Soaps and champoings as well as washing up liquids are everyday products that are often used by many motorcyclists to clean their motorcycles. These products are easy to obtain and use. In fact, many motorcycle enthusiasts use wax and polish to maintain their motorcycle. These everyday products are effective in removing micro-scratches on the bodywork, preventing dirt from sticking to the motorcycle and thus avoiding rust attacks, especially on motorcycle parts.

Disadvantages of everyday products on maintenance

Maintaining your motorcycle, using everyday products, can also be the cause of many inconveniences. Indeed, a bad product or a bad mixture can be fatal for your motorcycle. Certainly, these products are not made to maintain a motorcycle, they can make the bodywork thin and accelerate its degradation. Moreover, most everyday products are not suitable for painting your bodywork. Everyday products can therefore have an impact on the deterioration of your fairing. Some soaps are composed of corrosive products that can cause rust. Thus, certain cleaning products used daily should be avoided if you want to keep the shine of your beautiful body.

Precautions to take before cleaning your motorcycle

To clean your motorcycle, it is advisable to follow these few steps to keep it in good condition after each wash. Obviously, since the motorcycle runs on fuel, the slightest drop of water that gets into the engine can cause serious damage. In fact, they can cause your motorcycle to fail if they manage to get into the engine. To prevent this from happening, it is important to seal the tank and the exhaust pipe with a plastic bag before starting the cleaning process. Before starting to mix the products, it is important to make sure that there are no stones or dust in the mixture. These can cause scratches on your beautiful paint. Therefore, it is important to be careful before using everyday products for the maintenance of your motorcycle.